Washing tip.

  1. Hand wash do not wash in machine.
  2. Use mild baby shampoo or fabric conditioner.
  3. Do not wrinkle your items after wash let it dry on a flat surface.
  4. Keep a towel below to dry your products.
  5. Never hang your crochet items.

Wash the Item
Fill a washing vessel with cold water, and add the detergent. Mix well so the detergent is evenly distributed. Gently swish the crochet item in the solution; don’t wring or scrub.

Rinse the Item
Drain the soapy liquid, and add fresh cold water for rinsing. Repeat this process until the water is clear and free of suds.

Soak up Remaining Water
Slowly lift your garment out, and gently squeeze it over the basin to remove excess water. If you’re washing something large like a blanket, you can use a sheet as a sling to remove it from the tub. Once most of the dripping has ceased, support the item from underneath, and transfer it to a dry towel (or several towels). Roll it up in the towel, firmly pressing (not wringing) as you go to absorb the liquid.

Lay Flat to Dry
Transfer the item to another dry bath towel on a flat surface that’s large enough to hold your piece. Card tables are the perfect size for air-drying sweaters, and they typically have a protective top. Always safeguard wood surfaces with a vinyl tablecloth under the towel.
For substantial pieces like a blanket, spread some heavy plastic over the floor or bed to protect the surface, and then place dry towels over the plastic. Stretch out the piece to begin the drying process. You’ll probably need to replace the towels after several hours. Turn the crochet item periodically to allow for even drying.

Reshape the Item
Re-form and adjust the piece until it returns to its original shape; avoid tugging or pulling. For sweaters, gently push the ribbing together at the neckline, wrists, and waist. Next, fasten all buttons, fold the collar, and lay the arms flat to dry.

Dry the Item
Allow the item to dry for 24 hours. If it’s still damp, flip the piece over onto a new towel, shape once again, and let it rest for another 24 hours.

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